e-Wallet *NEW!*

We are now introducing the NeopointSale e-Wallet, a safe and convenient payment alternative!

How does it work?

The checkout process using your NeopointSale e-wallet is very simple. Login to your NeopointSale account and click the My Account button. From here, you can view the current credit (in USD) that you have in your e-Wallet. If you would like to add credit (topup) to your account, simply input the desired amount in the text box and then click the checkout button.

Once you have completed your payment, the credit will be automatically applied to your NeopointSale account. You can then checkout with any items in your cart using your NeopointSale e-Wallet. Simply choose "NeopointSale e-Wallet" as the payment option when checking out. If you have enough credit in your e-Wallet your purchase will be instantly processed. If you do not have enough credit in your e-Wallet, you will be prompted to add funds (topup) your e-Wallet account.

Simple enough! If you have any questions or comments regarding the new e-Wallet payment feature do not hesitate to contact us. As always, payments made using the e-Wallet are eligible for reward points. More information regarding our reward points system can be found below.

Reward Points

Do you like free money? Do you enjoy purchasing from us? Well, you're in luck. We are now offering reward points so that you can get free stuff from us!

We love our customers. Because of this, we wanted to reward those who purchase regularly. Reward points allow us to do just that! Every time you purchase you earn FREE CASH that can be applied towards future purchases!

The following is the current value of reward points:
6% cash value of products price

Well, what are you waiting for! Go ahead and purchase so that you can get some free stuff. You do like free stuff, don't you?

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