UC Pet Gamble - A Name Only Mother Could Love (INSTANT DELIVERY)
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UC Pet Gamble - A Name Only Mother Could Love (INSTANT DELIVERY)


I'll admit, despite purchasing from here in the past, the gambles always scare me, as they would anyone else. But let me tell you, I was by no means disappointed with this. Sure, the names aren't that great, they make this very clear, but for the price, this can be an exceptional deal! I purchased three of these gambles and only progressively became happier and happier with the results. When they say you can get high end royal and plushie pets, they aren't kidding! I now proudly own a pet I wouldn't have bought on my own otherwise, and for a really nice deal too. The way I see it, I got a really nice pet with two decent pets along the way for less than it would have cost to purchase the high value pet I got alone. The accounts these pets were on were exceptional. I'd say overall, this is a good deal on an account gamble. Even if you get one that's not very impressive, there are plenty of amazing opportunities here.
Date Added: 02/26/2016 by Leah M.

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