Darigan Paint Brush (INSTANT DELIVERY)
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Darigan Paint Brush (INSTANT DELIVERY)


LOVE IT! My Ixi looks amazing now! It took a little bit longer to get this paint brush than the last one I ordered, but I think that might be because I also ordered a paint brush item pack as well so I'm assuming they just had to take the time to organize everything for both items before sending the information.
I still received my entire order in less than 2 hours and was able to retrieve my items with ease.
I even had an issue with a brush that was listed in the item pack not being there when I received it (it was one of the reasons I chose the pack I did) and when I contacted them they transferred a replacement brush directly to my account with no hassle or accusatory questions like so many big name companies will do to their customers.
I'll admit, I was very skeptical with my first order, but it went well so I ordered again, and after two orders with them I know I'll be coming back for a third and a fourth... and a fifth... and... LOL!
Date Added: 07/28/2015 by Stephanie F.

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