Item Pack #02 - 110M in Random Items and UC (INSTANT DELIVERY)
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Item Pack #02 - 110M in Random Items and UC (INSTANT DELIVERY)

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I didn't buy this exact account (obviously), but I bought a similar one that also had about 85m in assorted items for $99.75.
Not sure if the account actually has 85m worth of items (they definitely over-estimated the price of some things, and don't take into account that most of the items are HTS and/or only going to get reseller offers), but you're going to make your $100 without a problem.
My account had about 400k pure and lots of usukis, snowglobes, stamps, and PBs. Lots of items in SDB worth between 10-100k, and the account had a relatively large shop. Overall, very happy with my purchase! I assume this account would also be relatively similar. Good luck!
Date Added: 09/08/2015 by Kate S.

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