Instant Delivery!

NeopointSale is pleased to be the first in the industry to now be offering instant delivery with all of our products!

So, how does it work?

After many months of coding and setup, we have now perfected our methods and can now send all of our products with no delay after you checkout! All items marked with "(INSTANT DELIVERY)" will be sent using the new instant delivery method. After adding the items to your cart that are marked with instant delivery, proceed to the checkout area. You do not need to include any details in the special instructions box. After paying, you will receive an email at your NeopointSale registration email entitled "[NeopointSale Purchase Information]" followed by your order ID number. In this email you will receive neopets account information for each of your products purchased with instant delivery. You will receive a unique account for each item purchased in the following format: "Username: xxxxxx | Password: xxxxxx | Birthday: (Year-Month-Day)". Use this account information to login to neopets, if prompted for an email when logging in please use one of your own. If you purchased items, they will be in the safety deposit box of the account and if you purchased neopoints they will be in the bank.

Yes, you did! The only way we are able to offer instant delivery is to have the items/neopoints ready on an account for you, so the account that you receive with your products is also yours to keep! All accounts are atleast 1 year old (a $5+ value in itself!) and completely inactive.

**Please note that we have not always had instant delivery and therefore some older reviews on some products may not reflect the fact that they received their items "instantly".

**Orders can take up to 5 minutes to process until they are marked as delivered.

**Check your junk and/or spam folder if you have not received your instant delivery email after purchasing! Some email providers may unintentionally file it there.

Have any questions about the process?

Contact us! If we aren't available on live chat, feel free to drop us an email! We will get back to all contact inquiries within 24 hours.

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