Item Pack #17 - 88m Aisha Collection&UCDesAish(INSTANT DELIVERY)

Item Pack #17 - 88m Aisha Collection&UCDesAish(INSTANT DELIVERY)

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Username Format: xxxxxxxxx
Age: 15 years

XxxxxxxXxxxx the UNCONVERTED Desert Aisha
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Gallery Size: 40
Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 88,600,000NP):

Green Alien Aisha Plushie - 40,000,000NP
Aisha Babydoll T-shirt - 12,000,000NP
Cloud Aisha Plushie - 4,000,000NP
Disco Aisha Gold Chain - 3,000,000NP
Cloud Aisha Lipstick - 3,000,000NP
Cloud Aisha Music Box - 2,500,000NP
Cloud Aisha Cake - 2,500,000NP
White Aisha Collar - 2,500,000NP
Magic Disco Aisha Ball - 2,500,000NP
Disco Aisha Backpack - 1,500,000NP
White Aisha Mirror - 1,500,000NP
Cloud Aisha Party Balloon - 1,500,000NP
Disco Aisha Party Balloon - 1,500,000NP
Cloud Aisha Chips - 1,500,000NP
Halloween Aisha Cape - 1,500,000NP
Arlhox VII - 600,000NP
Cloud Aisha Pillow - 600,000NP
Plastic Halloween Fork - 600,000NP
Gargon IV - 500,000NP
Shreegla VI - 500,000NP
Aisha Potion - 500,000NP
Disco Aisha Pen - 500,000NP
White Aisha Wobbly Pen - 500,000NP
Disco Aisha Glasses - 450,000NP
Paper Mache Aisha - 350,000NP
Aisha Transmogrification Potion - 350,000NP
Disco Aisha Cap - 300,000NP
Cloud Aisha Pen - 300,000NP
Striped Aisha Morphing Potion - 200,000NP
White Aisha Compact Mirror - 200,000NP
Aisha Totem - 150,000NP
Robo Aisha - 150,000NP
Mystery Island Aishas Stamp - 150,000NP
Disco Aisha Lipstick - 150,000NP
Green Aisha Morphing Potion - 150,000NP
White Aisha Ears - 150,000NP
Princess Sankara - 125,000NP
Red Aisha Morphing Potion - 125,000NP

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