Main Account #10 - 260 Neodeck Cards! (INSTANT DELIVERY)

Main Account #10 - 260 Neodeck Cards! (INSTANT DELIVERY)


Username Format: xxxxxxx
Age: 15 years
Site Themes: 9
Neodeck Cards: 260
Access to Secret Laboratory Map: Yes
Gallery Size: 90
Neopoints (OnHand+Bank+ShopTill+Stocks): 1,000,000 NP
Safety Deposit Box: Unique Items: 1,400 | Total Items: 3,700


Xxxxx## the Island JubJub
Xxxxxxxxxxxx the Skunk JubJub
Xxxxxx## the Purple Peophin
Xxxxxx## the Starry Peophin

Total Avatars: 160
Notable Avatars:

Trophies: Site Event: 15 | Game: 5
Notable Trophies:

Notable Items on the Account (Estimated Total Value: 58,951,494NP):

Brucey B - 5,500,000NP
Punchbag Bob - 4,500,000NP
Professor Kachevski - 4,500,000NP
Fyora The Faerie Queen - 4,000,000NP
Dr. Frank Sloth - 3,500,000NP
The Monocerous - 2,500,000NP
Basic Mathematics - 2,000,000NP
Electro-Boy (H) - 1,750,000NP
The Incredible Grarrl - 1,500,000NP
Captain Astounding (H) - 1,500,000NP
The Incredible Grarrl (H) - 1,500,000NP
The Wall (H) - 1,500,000NP
The Hairy Tongue Beast - 1,500,000NP
Locked Book - 1,500,000NP
Kauvara - 1,200,000NP
Sargug - 1,200,000NP
Roxton A. Colchester III Action Figure - 1,200,000NP
Grotson - 700,000NP
Margoreth - 600,000NP
Arlhox VII - 600,000NP
The Brain Tree - 600,000NP
Grarrg Stamp - 550,000NP
Gargon IV - 500,000NP
Shreegla VI - 500,000NP
Gedda Happycheek - 500,000NP
Hubrid Nox - 500,000NP
Mr. Chuckles - 450,000NP
Mechachiazilla - 450,000NP
Garrox5 The Grundo Trooper - 450,000NP
Magical Yellow Poogle Toy - 450,000NP
Shylock Usulski - 400,000NP
Scauderwelsch - 400,000NP
The Shop Wizard - 400,000NP
Mutant Petpet Paint Brush - 400,000NP
Treasure Seekers - 350,000NP
Taelia The Snow Faerie - 350,000NP
The Pant Devil - 350,000NP
Purple Paint Brush - 300,000NP
Koi Transmogrification Potion - 300,000NP
Peophin Booster Pack - 300,000NP
Cherlops, Protector of Garn - 250,000NP
Magical Chokato Chia Pop - 250,000NP
Tiki Plushie - 250,000NP
Captive Shadow Wraith - 250,000NP
Disco Kau Plushie - 250,000NP
The Soup Faerie - 200,000NP
Underwater Map Piece - 200,000NP
Underwater Map Piece - 200,000NP
Orange Peophin Squishy Plushie - 200,000NP
Guardian of Ice Magic - 175,000NP
Kreai - 150,000NP
Eureka - 150,000NP
RainbowBerry - 150,000NP
Space Map - 150,000NP
Space Map - 150,000NP
Space Map - 150,000NP
Space Map - 150,000NP
Mystery Island Aishas Stamp - 150,000NP
Jahbal - 125,000NP
Princess Sankara - 125,000NP
Korosu Crestscar - 125,000NP
Spotted Pteri Morphing Potion - 125,000NP
Blue Paint Brush - 100,000NP
Yellow Paint Brush - 99,999NP
Yellow Blumaroo Plushie - 99,999NP
Heart Fruit - 99,999NP
Cloud Horus - 99,999NP
Chomby Stamp - 99,999NP
Yellow Blumaroo Plushie - 99,999NP
Green Paint Brush - 99,100NP
Carnapepper - 98,500NP
Blue Tuskaninny Keyring - 97,000NP
The Nox Memoirs - 92,000NP
Christmas Paint Brush - 80,000NP
Christmas Paint Brush - 80,000NP
Christmas Paint Brush - 80,000NP
Red Bike - 80,000NP
Silver Kougra Plushie - 79,000NP
King Roo - 75,000NP
Glass Paint Brush - 75,000NP
Harmful Faerie Artefacts - 75,000NP
Split Paint Brush - 73,000NP
1001 Roguish Insults - 60,000NP
Silver Scooter - 60,000NP
Krawk Goodie Bag - 56,000NP
Yellow Jetsam Plushie - 55,000NP
King Jazan Plushie - 53,000NP
Yellow Brain Tree Plushie - 50,000NP
Red Peophin Squishy Plushie - 49,000NP
Drawing Kiko - 46,500NP
Ghi Pharun - 45,500NP
Vionanna - 45,000NP
Snow Wars Collectable Card - 44,500NP
Heists that Jump - 44,000NP
Country Music Speaker - 40,400NP
Peophin Magical Medallion - 39,200NP
Peophin Magical Medallion - 39,200NP
Purple Kougra Plushie - 38,800NP
Cuddly Yoyo - 36,000NP
Blue Clockwork Grundo - 35,600NP
Spectre - 35,000NP
Puzzles of Space - 33,200NP
Purple Scooter - 31,900NP
Rock Negg - 31,400NP
Brynnso Plushie Set - 31,400NP
The Snowager - 31,000NP
Eyrie Goodie Bag - 30,000NP
Princess Vyssa - 28,900NP
Mighty Peophin Flute - 27,000NP
I Love Games - 27,000NP
Remnok the Nomad - 25,200NP
Space Exploration Guide - 25,000NP
Gold Meerca Plushie - 24,700NP
The Lava Ghoul - 22,800NP
Shyanna - 22,000NP
Faleinn - 21,400NP
Hagar Mountbane - 21,000NP
Secret Laboratory Map - 20,000NP
Secret Laboratory Map - 20,000NP
Secret Laboratory Map - 20,000NP
Secret Laboratory Map - 20,000NP
Secret Laboratory Map - 20,000NP
Pink Aisha Plushie - 19,000NP
Lava lamp - 18,000NP
Lava lamp - 18,000NP
Green Festival Negg - 18,000NP
Green Festival Negg - 18,000NP
Amulet of the Dark Faerie - 17,700NP
Super Icy Negg - 17,700NP
Sticks and Stones - 17,500NP
Festival Negg - 17,500NP
Festival Negg - 17,500NP
Mint Condition Altadorian Guard Action Figure Set - 17,400NP
Fire Breathing Meerca - 17,200NP
Lemon Swirly Negg - 17,000NP
Lemon Swirly Negg - 17,000NP
Jack-O-Lantern Mask - 17,000NP
Mynci Defender Book - 16,800NP
Singularity Plushie - 16,700NP
A Light Faerie - 16,400NP
Xarthab and Zorlix Bobblehead - 15,800NP
Wand of the Air Faerie - 15,000NP
Spiced Melon - 15,000NP
Yellow Clockwork Grundo - 15,000NP
Black Evil Fuzzle - 14,700NP
Peppermint Stomach Medicine - 14,400NP
Ultra Rainbow Flash - 14,000NP
Im Too Full! The Dieter Story - 14,000NP
Usuki Music Box - 14,000NP
Usuki Puppyblew Set - 14,000NP
Vernax - 13,000NP
Garoo Elite Patrol Handbook - 12,900NP
Lime Swirly Negg - 12,600NP
Eo Codestone - 12,200NP
Eo Codestone - 12,200NP
The Spider Grundo - 11,900NP
Green Skeith Keyring - 11,200NP
UsukiCon Magic Hair Poster - 10,000NP
UsukiCon Cheerleader Poster - 10,000NP
Silver Scorchstone - 10,000NP
Blue Meerca Plushie - 10,000NP

Total Neocash Items: 100
Estimated Total NC Cap Value: 36 CAPS
Notable NC Items on the Account:

Healing Springs Foreground
Sparkling Ice Caves Background
Jordies Adventure Hat
Magical Faerieland Painting
Pipe and Gear Crown
Butterfly Face Paint
Fresh Flower Sun Dress
Chocolate Wings
Golden Atlas of the Ancients NC Challenge Medallion
Sugar Negg Background
Negg Hunting Background
Popcorn Maker
Shining Purple Gift Box with Silver Bow
Green Candy Striped Gift Box
Spring Gift Box

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